Apple Shortcuts

Apple Shortcuts is a versatile app designed to streamline and automate a plethora of tasks on iOS devices. By creating or downloading preset scripts, users can initiate complex actions with a single tap, ranging from automating daily tasks, organizing files, sending preset messages, to integrating multiple apps in a single workflow. This powerhouse tool maximizes efficiency, shaving off minutes or even hours from repetitive processes.

Why we like it:

Seamless Integration: Apple Shortcuts works flawlessly with most iOS apps. Whether you’re sending an email, setting a reminder, or opening a playlist, it’s a seamless process.User-Friendly Design: No coding background? No problem. The drag-and-drop interface ensures that anyone can create custom shortcuts.Community Sharing: Discover an array of shortcuts crafted by the vast Apple community. If someone’s already solved a problem, chances are you can download their solution.

What could be better:​

While Apple Shortcuts is impressive, there are areas where it could refine its edge:Cross-Platform Support: While Apple Shortcuts is available on iOS and macOS, its exclusivity to Apple devices can be limiting. Integration with third-party platforms could amplify its utility.Advanced Features: More advanced programming capabilities could appeal to tech-savvy users looking to create intricate workflows.Discoverability: While community sharing is great, a better-curated library of popular or essential shortcuts could aid users in starting their automation journey.

Compelling Alternatives:

IFTTT: A cross-platform tool that lets you create automated actions based on specific triggers.Tasker: An Android-focused app with powerful automation features, albeit with a steeper learning curve.Automate: Another Android option, it offers a visual interface for creating automation flows.


It ships with every iOS and Mac device, and it’s free. Those two points make it the most widely available automation platform on the planet. If there were ever a good place to start, it’s here.

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